Pretty tied up

2012-02-187:19 minutes
Pretty tied up 1
Pretty tied up 2
Pretty tied up 3
Pretty tied up 4

Amelia looked so pretty all tied up and squirming on the sofa. She struggles and moans but there is no escape.Includes two gags and various ties!

Little black dress

2012-02-1726 images
Little black dress 0
Little black dress 1
Little black dress 2
Little black dress 3
Little black dress 4

B.B is wearing her little black dress but she's going nowhere because she is all tied up and gagged!

Shelley captured

2012-02-1780 images
Shelley captured 0
Shelley captured 1
Shelley captured 2
Shelley captured 3
Shelley captured 4

Shelley is held captive and tied spreadeagle on the bed. After watching her struggle her captor gags her and leaves her hogtied and naked.

Feet together

2012-02-1710:36 minutes
Feet together 1
Feet together 2
Feet together 3
Feet together 4

Amateur bondage at it's best!! Trixie is held fast by tight knots with the soles of her feet and toes bound together in a strict frog tie! Her breasts are bound and she is well gagged. She struggles and moans in her attempts to escape!

Tags: bondage

Revenge of the masked Venetian

2012-02-1736:47 minutes
Revenge of the masked Venetian 1
Revenge of the masked Venetian 2
Revenge of the masked Venetian 3
Revenge of the masked Venetian 4

The sexy and beautiful Dani Dare stars in Revenge of the Masked Venetian. The psychotic Masked Venetian doesn't forget when he's been played with. The Make-up artist Chandra tried to play him for a fool and now he's after everyone that she knows, and his first victim is our sexy damsel in distress Christina. Watch as this madman binds her, ball gags her, and duct tapes all her limbs for the pure enjoyment of seeing her struggle and attempt an escape. It is a futile attempt however and this dual personality psycho has a special ending in store for her pretty little head.

Naked and bound

2012-02-1526 images
Naked and bound 0
Naked and bound 1
Naked and bound 2
Naked and bound 3
Naked and bound 4

This set features Kenzie in Naked and Bound!!Come and see Kenzie as she enjoys her bondage playtime. She is bound naked, hogtied, ring gagged and finally blindfolded. Not to be missed!

Kenzie tree tied

2012-02-1549 images
Kenzie tree tied 0
Kenzie tree tied 1
Kenzie tree tied 2
Kenzie tree tied 3
Kenzie tree tied 4

Kenzie is left struggling in the garden. She is stripped naked and suspended from a tree and later her hands are cuffed behind her back and a nice red ballgag is inserted, then finally a blindfold.

Maid to be tied

2012-02-1575 images
Maid to be tied 0
Maid to be tied 1
Maid to be tied 2
Maid to be tied 3
Maid to be tied 4

New model Wednesday Harrington joins us with her first bondage set where she plays the sexy redhead maid who just can't seem to get the housework right and just frolicks arround the house posing. Well you can imagine her surprise when the master comes home and finds she is not doing her work!! So he decides to teach her a lesson and ties her up and gags her to keep her quiet. He sits back and admires his handywork!! Well guys what do you think? Check out the thumbnails!!!

Tracy and Dave

2012-02-1542 images
Tracy and Dave 0
Tracy and Dave 1
Tracy and Dave 2
Tracy and Dave 3
Tracy and Dave 4

Tracey can't wait to get tied up so Dave ties her to a chair then gags her with tape, applies nipple clamps and finally blindfolds her.

Frantic Struggle

2012-02-155:30 minutesBondage
Frantic Struggle 1
Frantic Struggle 2
Frantic Struggle 3
Frantic Struggle 4

Amateur bondage at it's best!! Trixie is left to struggle frantically in a tight hogtie wearing tight white denim shorts. She is well gagged and unable to shout for help!!