Blonde in trouble

2012-02-11 53 images
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Blonde in trouble 1
Blonde in trouble 2
Blonde in trouble 3
Blonde in trouble 4

I'm Bored!! Declared Desi!! Her boyfriend soon cured that by tying her tight and leaving her to struggle. Let's see if she can free herself.!

Purple Bound

2012-02-11 57 images
Purple Bound 0
Purple Bound 1
Purple Bound 2
Purple Bound 3
Purple Bound 4

Adrienna looks really gorgeous dressed in a purple fishnet bodystocking and tied with purple tape. She is as usual, well gagged and connot complain about her treatment.

Sexy chairtie

2012-02-11 4:02 minutes
Sexy chairtie 1
Sexy chairtie 2
Sexy chairtie 3
Sexy chairtie 4

Randy-Star is wearing a short black minidress and high heels when she is grabbed and tied securely to a chair. Those long sexy legs are tied with strong rope and fixed to a chair leg. She is ballgagged and blindfolded. Watch her struggle as she attempts to escape!


2012-02-11 15:31 minutes
Horseplay 1
Horseplay 2
Horseplay 3
Horseplay 4

If you like women in riding gear and boots then you will love this movie starring Amelia Knight! She is tied up and gagged and then suspended by rope while she struggles frantically to get free! Very exciting!

Wet and bound

2012-02-10 44 images
Wet and bound 0
Wet and bound 1
Wet and bound 2
Wet and bound 3
Wet and bound 4

Redhead Devia Storm finds herself wet and tied up in the bathtub. Gagged and blindfolded she is left to struggle.


2012-02-10 6:27 minutes
Defeated 1
Defeated 2
Defeated 3
Defeated 4

Trixie is totally defeated as she struggles to free herself from the very tight hogtie that Toebinder has placed her in. There are some great struggling and moaning scenes on this clip as Trixie struggles and moans through her gag.

Don't make a sound

2012-02-10 11:06 minutes
Don't make a sound 1
Don't make a sound 2
Don't make a sound 3
Don't make a sound 4

Erin is preparing a meal in her kitchen when she is surprised by an intruder. He warns her not to scream or shout for help and then proceeds to tie and gag her. She pleads with him to let her go but he ignores her.. He enjoys seeing her tied up, she looks so good in her pretty mini-dress. Watch her being tied and gagged and hear her plead with her captor!

Tied up cutie

2012-02-09 34 images
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Tied up cutie 1
Tied up cutie 2
Tied up cutie 3
Tied up cutie 4

Jaquita is tied up on the couch with strong rope and ballgagged. How cute she looks struggling to get free!

The Garage ordeal

2012-02-09 36 images
The Garage ordeal 0
The Garage ordeal 1
The Garage ordeal 2
The Garage ordeal 3
The Garage ordeal 4

Nikki agrees to let a girlfriend tie her up but then finds herself bound and gagged in various positions and left to struggle in the garage

No escape for Nikki

2012-02-09 32 images
No escape for Nikki 0
No escape for Nikki 1
No escape for Nikki 2
No escape for Nikki 3
No escape for Nikki 4

Nikki is taken to the garage where she is tied, gagged and blidfolded. After a while her captor ties her to a step ladder and removes the blindfold. Then the fun begins!!