Missed Call

2012-03-075:40 minutes
Missed Call 1
Missed Call 2
Missed Call 3
Missed Call 4

A burglar has robbed the house and left Dani bound and gagged on a chair unable to reach the phone1 Great struggling scenes!

Golden Handcuffs

2012-03-0630 images
Golden Handcuffs 0
Golden Handcuffs 1
Golden Handcuffs 2
Golden Handcuffs 3
Golden Handcuffs 4

The lovely TJ is modelling her golden handcuffs and of course what better way than to get naked and placed in bondage!!!

Captive Duo

2012-03-0646 images
Captive Duo 0
Captive Duo 1
Captive Duo 2
Captive Duo 3
Captive Duo 4

Trixie and her friend are spending an evening together when they are surprised by burglars who tie them to chairs while they search for valuables. The pair are then taken upstairs and left bound and gagged on the bed.

School Bound

2012-03-065:19 minutes
School Bound 1
School Bound 2
School Bound 3
School Bound 4

Amelia arrives home from school to find an intruder in the house! He quickly grabs her and ties her up in the bedroom and gags her to keep her quiet. Watch her desperate struggles to get free!Definitely her best video yet!

Left to Struggle

2012-03-06Erin8:43 minutes
Left to Struggle 1
Left to Struggle 2
Left to Struggle 3
Left to Struggle 4

This video continues from the bondage clip where Erin ends up stripped and tied on the couch then finally she is left to struggle on the floor gagged and blindfolded!Watch her struggle!

Bondage toys

2012-03-05104 images
Bondage toys 0
Bondage toys 1
Bondage toys 2
Bondage toys 3
Bondage toys 4

Adrienna strips down to the bare essentials and is soon trying out the new bondage gear. Wrist cuffs, harness ballgag and ankle cuffs and chains all go to make this an exciting set!Adrienna is put in more bondage positions including being suspended in a bondage harness.

Bad day

2012-03-05Erin154 images
Bad day 0
Bad day 1
Bad day 2
Bad day 3
Bad day 4

A planned photo shoot goes badly wrong as Erin is asked to strip to her bra and panties. She is left tied up on the floor and wondering what else can go wrong! Erin's bad day gets worse as she is tied up tighter still into a balltied position and a gag stuffed into her mouth with a piece of tape accross it. She struggled and rolled about but there was no escape from the tight ropes. This was a photo shoot she would never forget!!

Wedding day blues

2012-03-0510:37 minutes
Wedding day blues 1
Wedding day blues 2
Wedding day blues 3
Wedding day blues 4

Check out this latest fantasy set from Gothic Kitten. She manages to get herself all tied up and gagged wearing her wedding dress and a little less!Lots of on-screen struggling!

Identity Theft

2012-03-053:28 minutes
Identity Theft 1
Identity Theft 2
Identity Theft 3
Identity Theft 4

Vero is working at her computer when she was grabbed from behind and wrestled to the floor. The theif tied her securely and gagged her to keep her quiet while he stole valuable codes from her computer!Watch her being tied,gagged,carried and retied!

Erin Bound

2012-03-05Erin9:47 minutes
Erin Bound 1
Erin Bound 2
Erin Bound 3
Erin Bound 4

Erin should never have that glass! When she came round she was being tightly bound and gagged. Helpless to resist she struggled as she was put into a tight hogtie on the sofa!