Hold up

2012-03-1765 images
Hold up 0
Hold up 1
Hold up 2
Hold up 3
Hold up 4

Policewoman Wednesday is about to book Tristen when they are both held up and their captor soon has them tied together tightly and gagged. Their huge breasts rub together as they struggle in the ropes that secure them!

Willing hostage

2012-03-176:36 minutes
Willing hostage 1
Willing hostage 2
Willing hostage 3
Willing hostage 4

Rocio wanted tying up for the night so we obliged!! All in white she is wearing her stockings,panties and flimsy see-through top and she is soon hogtied with strong rope,gagged and helpless.Lots of tying and gagging scenes. Watch her struggle!

Bondage in blue

2012-03-1710:30 minutes
Bondage in blue 1
Bondage in blue 2
Bondage in blue 3
Bondage in blue 4

Just watch Amelia Knight as she struggles frantically to escape from her tight bonds!She is well roped and well gagged and going nowhere wearing a blue top and black stockings with high heels!

Amelia silenced

2012-03-1659 images
Amelia silenced 0
Amelia silenced 1
Amelia silenced 2
Amelia silenced 3
Amelia silenced 4

Amelia kicked and struggled as the intruders carried her into the spare room. She was bound from her breasts to her feet with white rope. As she started to scream through the cleave gag another thick cloth was bound arround her head completely shutting off her cries for help!!What fate awaits our damsel in distress?Poster pic for this set included!

Bondage vacation

2012-03-1624 images
Bondage vacation 0
Bondage vacation 1
Bondage vacation 2
Bondage vacation 3
Bondage vacation 4

TJ is on vacation but she has packed her handcuffs and ties. She loves her hands to be secured and these amateur bondage shots will prove the point. Sorry she can't come to the phone, she's a bit tied up at ther moment!!!

Bathrobe terror

2012-03-163:29 minutes
Bathrobe terror 1
Bathrobe terror 2
Bathrobe terror 3
Bathrobe terror 4

Jess is surprised by a burglar and is tied to the stairs wearing her pink bath robe and just bra and panties. Gagged and bound she is left to struggle!

3xs Bound

2012-03-1610:11 minutes
3xs Bound 1
3xs Bound 2
3xs Bound 3
3xs Bound 4

Toebinder has Trixie trapped in a web of rope and there is no escape! She is completely silenced by a tight gag and unable to shout for help and she struggles frantically to get free!

Classroom revolt

2012-03-166:51 minutes
Classroom revolt 1
Classroom revolt 2
Classroom revolt 3
Classroom revolt 4

Gothic kitten is tied up by her rebellious pupils! She is hogtied with cuffs then tied with rope and gagged! Watch her struggle to get free!The final twist comes when she gets free and the ringleader Emma is bent over the desk and caned!Great two girl video!

Held by ropes

2012-03-156:49 minutes
Held by ropes 1
Held by ropes 2
Held by ropes 3
Held by ropes 4

In this movie clip our sexy damsel in distress, Dani is tied tightly with strong rope and secured to a chair. Unable to shout for help because of the tight gag she struggles frantically to free herself! She looks a pretty sight in her leather miniskirt and white top!

Tie me tight

2012-03-1457 images
Tie me tight 0
Tie me tight 1
Tie me tight 2
Tie me tight 3
Tie me tight 4

Amelia is ready for the bondage shoot! Make sure you tie me tight!! she remarked, as her body was secured with rope. Oh, and don't forget the gag I want to really feel the part!! With Amelia well secured the shoot can begin!