The Spread

2012-02-23 13:07 minutes
The Spread 1
The Spread 2
The Spread 3
The Spread 4

Trixie is spread on the bed and tied securely! Watch her struggle and hear her moaning through her mouth cramming gag!

Shower Captive

2012-02-22 126 images
Shower Captive 0
Shower Captive 1
Shower Captive 2
Shower Captive 3
Shower Captive 4

This is the complete set!!Wednesday Harrington is in trouble again!! Wearing denim shorts and a white top she is tied in the shower. This could get wet!!!?things get a lot wetter for our damsel in distress. Wednesday finds herself tied and struggling in the shower with the water turned full on!! effectively gagged she cannot shout for help!

Tags: bondage

Amelia Trapped

2012-02-22 44 images
Amelia Trapped 0
Amelia Trapped 1
Amelia Trapped 2
Amelia Trapped 3
Amelia Trapped 4

The photo shoot never turned out how she expected! Instead Amelia soon found her wrists tied and she was made to pose in various positions bound and gagged!!

Tying Amelia

2012-02-22 40 images
Tying Amelia 0
Tying Amelia 1
Tying Amelia 2
Tying Amelia 3
Tying Amelia 4

Amelia's challenge to tie her up was just too good to be true. She soon had her hands tied behind her back and she looked so good with those long legs and that sexy miniskirt!! More rope and a gag quickly followed!

Tags: bondage

Catch Lulu

2012-02-22 13:48 minutes
Catch Lulu 1
Catch Lulu 2
Catch Lulu 3
Catch Lulu 4

Lulu is a very sexy Mexican girl who is caught and tied up for the first time as a bet! Watch her wearing her pink top and sexy white miniskirt being completely tied from hand to foot! Continuous On screen tying!Lulu is tied with lots more rope then put into a tight hogtie with her white miniskirt riding up her curvacious body. She is gagged tightly and left to struggle and squeal. On-screen tying and gagging!!

Rope Games

2012-02-22 11:32 minutes
Rope Games 1
Rope Games 2
Rope Games 3
Rope Games 4

This clip was based on an idea from a member and we see Trixie tightly bound on the floor. She is naked except for a pair of tight white shorts and is struggling and moaning through her gag. The clip ends with her in a tight hogtie on the floor.

Perils of Dani

2012-02-21 29 images
Perils of Dani 0
Perils of Dani 1
Perils of Dani 2
Perils of Dani 3
Perils of Dani 4

Our cute damsel Dani is in trouble again!! She has been caught and tied up on a chair wearing a very sexy miniskirt. Of course the vilain added plenty of rope and a nice gag!

Capture April

2012-02-21 70 images
Capture April 0
Capture April 1
Capture April 2
Capture April 3
Capture April 4

Daniel decides to teach April a lesson and proceeds to tie her to a chair and gag her with a nice ballgag.

A day off

2012-02-21 12:20 minutes
A day off 1
A day off 2
A day off 3
A day off 4

Trixie has a day off and plans to laze in the garden but Toebinder has other plans and soon has her secured tightly to a chair with strong rope. She is ballgagged and left to struggle for a while before her top is rolled up and nipple clamps applied with a weight added. Watch her struggle and listen to her moaning through her gag!

Intruder Bound movie

2012-02-21 17:55 minutes
Intruder Bound movie 1
Intruder Bound movie 2
Intruder Bound movie 3
Intruder Bound movie 4

This is the full movie starring Rocio surprised at home and tied up. She manages to escape her bonds, only to be caught and tied up tighter! The intruder proceeds to tie Rocio much tighter by securing her hands behind her and tying rope arround her breasts. He removes her jeans then ties her ankles and legs tightly. She is left gagged and struggling on the bed. There is plenty of on screen tying and struggling with Rocio tied finally into a tight hogtie and left to struggle against her bonds!