2012-03-04 88 images
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Chairtie! 1
Chairtie! 2
Chairtie! 3
Chairtie! 4

Adrienna is tied secureley to a chair with her arms tied behind her and her ankles secured to the back legs of the chair. She is left to struggle with a harness rope gag and a crotchrope added!!Adrienna struggles and squirms on the chair but she is unable to escape. The crotchrope bites deep and the harness gag keeps her silent. She topples the chair and can only wait to be rescued.

Tied up prize

2012-03-04 3:51 minutes
Tied up prize 1
Tied up prize 2
Tied up prize 3
Tied up prize 4

Karina was his prize for the night as they had agreed! Karina soon found out what he meant when she was grabbed and dragged inside the house. She was tied to the bed wearing her short green skirt. Watch her struggle as she is tied and gagged!

I need Help

2012-03-04 15:02 minutes
I need Help 1
I need Help 2
I need Help 3
I need Help 4

Trixie really is in need of help as Toebinder subjects her to a nice chair tie and then procedes to explain to the camera his restraint and bondage techniques! Watch Trixie squirm and struggle!

Missing girl hogtied

2012-03-04 3:54 minutes
Missing girl hogtied 1
Missing girl hogtied 2
Missing girl hogtied 3
Missing girl hogtied 4

Karina's ordeal continues as she is trussed up in a tight hogtie and cleave gagged to keep her quiet! Watch her being fondled and placed in various positions! Her struggles are futile!

Debt collector

2012-03-03 75 images
Debt collector 0
Debt collector 1
Debt collector 2
Debt collector 3
Debt collector 4

Erin is surprised when the debt collector produced some rope and began tying her up. She struggled but to no avail. Erin's ordeal continues as the debt collector continues to tie her into a tight hogtie on the sofa and fits a nice big ball gag in her mouth!!

Bare restraint

2012-03-03 83 images
Bare restraint 0
Bare restraint 1
Bare restraint 2
Bare restraint 3
Bare restraint 4

Adrienna is made to strip and is restrained in many different positions showing off her beautiful body. She is made to service her master before being restrained again at his pleasure.

White jeans bound

2012-03-03 3:39 minutes
White jeans bound 1
White jeans bound 2
White jeans bound 3
White jeans bound 4

Erin opens the door to find an intruder standing in front of her. He soon has her tightly bound and securely gagged. She struggles on the ground wearing tight white jeans and white boots!Exciting struggling scenes!

Missing girl chairtied

2012-03-03 2:17 minutes
Missing girl chairtied 1
Missing girl chairtied 2
Missing girl chairtied 3
Missing girl chairtied 4

Karina is grabbed and bundled tied up into the boot of a car. When the car stops she is taken into the strange house and tied tightly to a chair. Watch her being tied and fondled!

Captive amazon girl

2012-03-03 5:52 minutes
Captive amazon girl 1
Captive amazon girl 2
Captive amazon girl 3
Captive amazon girl 4

Gothic Kitten plays the amazon girl who is grabbed and taken to a planned destination where she is tied and left to struggle on the bed. Lots of erotic struggling and sound effects on this great clip!

Miniskirt captive

2012-03-02 40 images
Miniskirt captive 0
Miniskirt captive 1
Miniskirt captive 2
Miniskirt captive 3
Miniskirt captive 4

Wow!!! Amelia looks hot in this micro denim miniskirt and the intruder thought so too as he set about tying her securely. Finishing his work with a nice hogtie he stood back and admired her struggling.

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