Bondage slave

2012-03-08 60 images
Bondage slave 0
Bondage slave 1
Bondage slave 2
Bondage slave 3
Bondage slave 4

Adrienna has agreed to be a bondage slave for the night and soon finds herself tied in some unusual positions. Not only is she tied up under the table but she is made to be part of it! Who's for dinner!!?

Futile Struggle

2012-03-08 48 images
Futile Struggle 0
Futile Struggle 1
Futile Struggle 2
Futile Struggle 3
Futile Struggle 4

Toebinder ties up Trixie as a bet! She is bound so tight that she can hardly move then retied in numerous positions using different gaggs.There really is no escape for our damsel in distress!

Keep her quiet

2012-03-08 5:42 minutes
Keep her quiet 1
Keep her quiet 2
Keep her quiet 3
Keep her quiet 4

Here is another great movie clip of the very sexy Karina. She has been held hostage and tied tightly to a chair. She struggles to get free and her efforts are rewarded with a massive gag tied tightly into her mouth to keep her quiet. Lots of on-screen tying,gagging and fondling! Not to mention the sight of this sexy girl with her denim miniskirt riding higher and higher!

Learning the ropes

2012-03-08 19:38 minutes
Learning the ropes 1
Learning the ropes 2
Learning the ropes 3
Learning the ropes 4

Erin does not have the right answers for a prospective buyer and a quick call to her boss lands her in deep trouble. She is soon tightly bound to a chair with strong rope to teach her a lesson she won't forget!See her gagged and tied! Watch her struggle!

Caught off guard

2012-03-08 5:54 minutes
Caught off guard 1
Caught off guard 2
Caught off guard 3
Caught off guard 4

Gothic Kitten is a soldier caught off guard and captured! She is tightly tied and gagged. She is stripped leaving her topless and tied with more strong rope and left to struggle!See her grabbed and watch her struggle in ropes!

Little black dress

2012-03-08 4:54 minutes
Little black dress 1
Little black dress 2
Little black dress 3
Little black dress 4

Vero looks so sexy in her little black dress tied tightly to a chair and gagged with a large cleave gag. Watch her struggle as she is re-gagged with a red ballgag then carried accross the room and left to struggle on the floor. Lots of on-screen action!

Missed Call

2012-03-07 5:40 minutes
Missed Call 1
Missed Call 2
Missed Call 3
Missed Call 4

A burglar has robbed the house and left Dani bound and gagged on a chair unable to reach the phone1 Great struggling scenes!

Golden Handcuffs

2012-03-06 30 images
Golden Handcuffs 0
Golden Handcuffs 1
Golden Handcuffs 2
Golden Handcuffs 3
Golden Handcuffs 4

The lovely TJ is modelling her golden handcuffs and of course what better way than to get naked and placed in bondage!!!

Captive Duo

2012-03-06 46 images
Captive Duo 0
Captive Duo 1
Captive Duo 2
Captive Duo 3
Captive Duo 4

Trixie and her friend are spending an evening together when they are surprised by burglars who tie them to chairs while they search for valuables. The pair are then taken upstairs and left bound and gagged on the bed.

School Bound

2012-03-06 5:19 minutes
School Bound 1
School Bound 2
School Bound 3
School Bound 4

Amelia arrives home from school to find an intruder in the house! He quickly grabs her and ties her up in the bedroom and gags her to keep her quiet. Watch her desperate struggles to get free!Definitely her best video yet!