Cant Reach the Phone 0
Cant Reach the Phone 1
Cant Reach the Phone 2
Cant Reach the Phone 3
Cant Reach the Phone 4

Marilyn is wearing a sexy white blouse and tartan miniskirt when told to fetch the rope! These are great shots of Marilyn and a lot of very close ups too

Cuff Times

13.03.2021Natalia Forrest54 BilderBondage, Handcuffs
Cuff Times 0
Cuff Times 1
Cuff Times 2
Cuff Times 3
Cuff Times 4

Natalia Forrest is cuffed on the bed by steel cuffs and collar

White Blouse Captive

05.03.2021Natalia Forrest53 BilderBondage, Fetish, Secretary
White Blouse Captive 0
White Blouse Captive 1
White Blouse Captive 2
White Blouse Captive 3
White Blouse Captive 4

Natalia Forrest is our lovely captive wearing a sexy white blouse and black miniskirt. Cold steel follows with a neck collar and cold steel cuffs!

A Bit Strapped

01.05.2018Natalia Forrest39 BilderBlonde, Bondage
A Bit Strapped 0
A Bit Strapped 1
A Bit Strapped 2
A Bit Strapped 3
A Bit Strapped 4

Natalia Forrest is strapped up by our resident villain and photographer and it looks like he enjoyed himself. She looks pretty good too so enjoy!