Now You've Got Me

11.01.2019Lexi37 BilderBondage, Hogtie
Now You've Got Me 0
Now You've Got Me 1
Now You've Got Me 2
Now You've Got Me 3
Now You've Got Me 4

Finally caught and tied up tight Lexi gives us that sexy, inquiring come and get me look! Photography by Davy UK

Very Tight Security

15.10.2018Alatns8:14 MinutenBondage, Uniform
Very Tight Security 1
Very Tight Security 2

And Alatna thought the security was pretty tight at the property until she did her rounds! Looks like our lovely security guard got pretty tightly hogtied and gagged. Watch her struggling in her tight ropes and mumbling through the red ball gag!

Very Tight Security

11.10.2018Alatns73 BilderBondage, Uniform
Very Tight Security 0
Very Tight Security 1
Very Tight Security 2
Very Tight Security 3
Very Tight Security 4

Maybe the security measures were not tight enough as here we find Alatna securely tied up on the job. The burglars will have fun today! Plenty of rope and a nice big ball gag ending in a really tight hogtie!

The Frantic Redhead

29.09.2018Mada-Rose5:23 MinutenBondage, Hogtie, Redhead
The Frantic Redhead 1
The Frantic Redhead 2

Mada - Rose is in trouble again and she is not getting out of this one in a hurry! Dressed in skimpy red underwear she is roped up tight on the floor and left to struggle and curse. This all action frantic bondage clip finds her further trussed up into a tight hogtie, her mouth stuffed and cloth gagged. Great struggling scenes filmed by Davy UK.

Catsuit and Boots

20.05.20186:21 MinutenBondage, Hogtie, Latex
Catsuit and Boots 1
Catsuit and Boots 2

Mia is trussed up in a tight hogtie and gagged with a ring gag. She is wearing a one piece black latex suit and knee length ranger boots. Lots of rope hold her totally secure. Watch this girl as she starts to tie herself with rope and enjoy her struggling frantically in a tight hogtie

Sweater Hogtie

27.03.2018Mada-Rose5:13 MinutenBondage, Redhead, Sweater Fetish
Sweater Hogtie 1
Sweater Hogtie 2
Sweater Hogtie 3
Sweater Hogtie 4

Here is a rare clip of Mada - Rose all trussed up tightly in a strict hogtie wearing a sweater. A nice tight crotch rope and tight cloth gag are applied to finish the job. Mada looks so good when she is struggling

Single Bed for Red

17.03.2018Red Kali45 BilderAmateur, Bondage, Redhead
Single Bed for Red 0
Single Bed for Red 1
Single Bed for Red 2
Single Bed for Red 3
Single Bed for Red 4

Red Kali is booked into the hotel room to find herself quickly tied up on the single bed. Wearing a red top and skirt and black stockings with suspenders she is tightly bound with rope and gagged. Photography by Davy UK

A Pleasant Surprise

05.03.20185:59 MinutenBlonde, Bondage, Hogtie
A Pleasant Surprise 1
A Pleasant Surprise 2
A Pleasant Surprise 3
A Pleasant Surprise 4

It certainly was a pleasant surprise for the burglar when he found Lillie May at home. He soon has this gorgeous blonde trussed up in ropes! Wearing just her sexy lingerie she is tied into a very strict hogtie and ball gagged. Just watch this sexy girl struggle.

Lucky Preview 2

30.10.2017Madalina42 BilderBondage
Lucky Preview 2 0
Lucky Preview 2 1
Lucky Preview 2 2
Lucky Preview 2 3
Lucky Preview 2 4

Check out this preview of several sets in the up and coming new bondage sets from our resident model Madalina. Enjoy!       

Tight Elbow Hogtie

26.10.2017Snow43 BilderBondage
Tight Elbow Hogtie 0
Tight Elbow Hogtie 1
Tight Elbow Hogtie 2
Tight Elbow Hogtie 3
Tight Elbow Hogtie 4

Snow is back in a really tight elbow tie up and complete hogtie. Photography by Johnny Wonders