Forest Blues

29.04.2019 Diamond Doll 32 Bilder Bondage, Outdoors
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Forest Blues 1
Forest Blues 2
Forest Blues 3
Forest Blues 4

Diamond Doll is all tied up in the forest with lots of blue rope. She is left tied to a tree and tape gagged. Photography by Davy UK

Outdoor Sport

30.11.2018 66 Bilder Bondage, Outdoors
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Outdoor Sport 1
Outdoor Sport 2
Outdoor Sport 3
Outdoor Sport 4

Marched into the woods and left tied to a tree trunk our hapless beauty would be a real find for any poachers. Photography by Davy UK

Tree Bound Damsel

16.10.2017 Ambrosia 41 Bilder Bondage
Tree Bound Damsel 0
Tree Bound Damsel 1
Tree Bound Damsel 2
Tree Bound Damsel 3
Tree Bound Damsel 4

Ambrosia looks every bit the damsel in distress tied up to a tree in the woods. Check out these fantastic shots of this lovely girl in trouble! Photography credits go to Davy UK

Palm Trouble 2

14.08.2017 Angel 84 Bilder Bondage
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Palm Trouble 2 1
Palm Trouble 2 2
Palm Trouble 2 3
Palm Trouble 2 4

Angel is further stripped naked while tied to the palm tree. She is gagged her breasts are tied and nipple clamped. What a predicament this blue eyed blonde is in!

Palm Trouble

06.08.2017 Angel 106 Bilder Bondage
Palm Trouble 0
Palm Trouble 1
Palm Trouble 2
Palm Trouble 3
Palm Trouble 4

Angel is back! This gorgeous blue eyed blonde is in trouble again and bound to a Palm tree with her hands tied above her head, topless, gagged and nipple clamped. The fruit is ripe and ready for picking!

Woodland Capture

26.03.2015 30 Bilder Bondage
Woodland Capture 0
Woodland Capture 1
Woodland Capture 2
Woodland Capture 3
Woodland Capture 4

If you go down to the woods today you are sure of a big surprise! For there you will find the lovely Paige Turner tied to a tree and cleave gagged! She is wearing her sexy running gear and looks real cute! Who will rescue her guys? This is a set of the last few remaining pictures I worked on with the old Girls in Bondage site way back in 2004. Enjoy!