Peril on the track

30.08.2019Mada-Rose61 BilderBondage, Outdoors, Rope Bondage
Peril on the track 0
Peril on the track 1
Peril on the track 2
Peril on the track 3
Peril on the track 4

Mada-Rose is in real trouble now and is tightly hogtied and gagged left on the railroad track. Photography courtesy of Davy UK

Red is the Color

08.10.2017Snow31 BilderBondage
Red is the Color 0
Red is the Color 1
Red is the Color 2
Red is the Color 3
Red is the Color 4

Snow looks so good in bondage and here she is tied in red rope and silenced with a matching ball gag!

Sofa Cheers

02.01.2017Snow8:20 MinutenBondage
Sofa Cheers 1
Sofa Cheers 2
Sofa Cheers 3
Sofa Cheers 4

Cheerleader Snow is trussed up in a tight rope hogtie and a red ball gag in her mouth. How she gets there is quite sexy as she poses before tying herself up and finishes tied in a tight hogtie and struggling with her ropes. This blonde sure is cute! Photography by Johnny Wonders       

Taming Trixie

09.09.2014Trixie20 BilderBondage
Taming Trixie 0
Taming Trixie 1
Taming Trixie 2
Taming Trixie 3
Taming Trixie 4

Trixie is wearing a short sexy leopard print dress and Toebinder has secured her into a really intense rope hogtie. She is bandanna gagged and left to struggle on the floor.