Kary Wrapped tight

13.02.2017Karina38 BilderBondage
Kary Wrapped tight 0
Kary Wrapped tight 1
Kary Wrapped tight 2
Kary Wrapped tight 3
Kary Wrapped tight 4

Karina is in trouble again and quite helpless. Taped up to a chair and gagged and blindfold!

Captures and Crotchropes

21.05.2016Amelia Knight41 BilderBondage
Captures and Crotchropes 0
Captures and Crotchropes 1
Captures and Crotchropes 2
Captures and Crotchropes 3
Captures and Crotchropes 4

Amelia Knight is seen here in a collection of her best crotch and capture shots. Nothing like a nice tight crotch rope guys!

Framed 2

24.12.2015Madalina91 BilderBondage
Framed 2 0
Framed 2 1
Framed 2 2
Framed 2 3
Framed 2 4
Madalina is in trouble again! This time she has been secured into a frame device which certainly holds her fast. Well gagged and red bottomed the photographer on the day Pat caught her just right. Now enjoy part 2 of this set featuring our Christmas Day girl! and watch how fast she has lost her clothes in this set! A real bumper set for Christmas day. Merry Christmas Madalina and Merry Christmas to all our viewers!

Tied in Red Panties

26.08.2015Katie C3:00 MinutenBondage
Tied in Red Panties 1
Tied in Red Panties 2
Tied in Red Panties 3
Tied in Red Panties 4

Katie C looks so sexy tied up wearing red panties with her long blonde hair flowing arround her. Add a few more ropes and a nice blue ballgag and she looks even better. Lots of frantic struggling from Katie.

Flight Trouble

27.04.2015Mrs L30 BilderBondage
Flight Trouble 0
Flight Trouble 1
Flight Trouble 2
Flight Trouble 3
Flight Trouble 4

Mrs L the airline flight attendant was getting ready for another shift but the the flight is going to be one attendant down as you can see in this picture set!

Punished Student

17.02.2015Madalina68 BilderBondage
Punished Student 0
Punished Student 1
Punished Student 2
Punished Student 3
Punished Student 4

Wow! Madalina must have been very naughty indeed! Check out these great pictures of her restrained and gagged wearing a short tartan skirt!