Bound for Training

10.02.2019Tiger Lilly30 BilderBondage
Bound for Training 0
Bound for Training 1
Bound for Training 2
Bound for Training 3
Bound for Training 4

TigerLilly is a very attractive blonde with some great assets which are obvious to all and here she is in a selection of tie ups featuring that sexy black latex dress and much more! Tigerlilly can be found on Bound Kathy and Friends also.

I'ts a Tough Job

24.01.201943 BilderBondage
I'ts a Tough Job 0
I'ts a Tough Job 1
I'ts a Tough Job 2
I'ts a Tough Job 3
I'ts a Tough Job 4

It's a tough job checking out hotel rooms as a maintenance man but image your surprise when you open the door and find our gorgeous Lexi all trussed up, gagged and helpless! Any ideas guys?

Satin and Rope

18.01.2019Katie Danvers149 BilderBondage, Nylon
Satin and Rope 0
Satin and Rope 1
Satin and Rope 2
Satin and Rope 3
Satin and Rope 4

Here is another large set of screen grabs from a recent video featuring the lovely Katie Danvers wearing a satin top and black miniskirt with stockings, all tied up.

Snooper gets Caught

26.12.2018Katie Danvers4:47 MinutenBondage
Snooper gets Caught 1
Snooper gets Caught 2

Katie Danvers is in trouble again after snooping around a house for clues. She is caught and tied up now so she is going nowhere! Photography by Johnny Wonders

Nylons and Gags

05.10.201660 BilderPantyhose
Nylons and Gags 0
Nylons and Gags 1
Nylons and Gags 2
Nylons and Gags 3
Nylons and Gags 4

Here is Mrs L in a very revealing nylon clad shoot with lots of sexy shots and upskirts too! Finished off with a nice black ball gag. Erotic set for all fans of nylons!

Silence is Ball Gagged

07.09.2016Mrs L67 BilderBondage
Silence is Ball Gagged 0
Silence is Ball Gagged 1
Silence is Ball Gagged 2
Silence is Ball Gagged 3
Silence is Ball Gagged 4

Mrs L features in this sexy shoot where she is silenced with a ball gag and restrained. Plenty of nylon crotch shots!

Bound in Motion

29.08.2016Mrs L13:06 MinutenBondage
Bound in Motion 1
Bound in Motion 2
Bound in Motion 3
Bound in Motion 4

Mrs L recently did two amateur fashion bondage shoots and the whole lot was captured on video as well. So here is the very popular Mrs L in totally uncut footage as the shoot progressed. This is the first movie clip for you to enjoy! Look out for the picture sets and the other movie clip!

Taped up Playmate

28.04.201557 BilderBondage
Taped up Playmate 0
Taped up Playmate 1
Taped up Playmate 2
Taped up Playmate 3
Taped up Playmate 4

Those of you who have watched the video clip of Taped up Playmate will no doubt enjoy these pictures of the lovely Lenah all taped up and photographed in various positions wearing that sexy white minidress and nylons.

Just Chilling

14.03.2015Mrs L43 BilderBondage
Just Chilling 0
Just Chilling 1
Just Chilling 2
Just Chilling 3
Just Chilling 4

Check out this revealing set of pics featuring Mrs L just chilling out for the evening with some handcuffs, rope and a ballgag.

Nylons and Shackles

11.02.2015Adara Jordan52 BilderBondage
Nylons and Shackles 0
Nylons and Shackles 1
Nylons and Shackles 2
Nylons and Shackles 3
Nylons and Shackles 4

Adara Jordan is back wearing just nylons with her hands and feet shackled. Our blonde beauty is wearing a nice tight ballgag!