Handle with Care

06.07.2018Ivy86 BilderBondage, Fetish
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Handle with Care 1
Handle with Care 2
Handle with Care 3
Handle with Care 4

Ivy gets all wrapped up with black wrap. She is ball gagged and secured. Handle with care this is precious cargo!

Handle with Care

28.06.2018Ivy4:47 MinutenBondage, Fetish
Handle with Care 1
Handle with Care 2

Ivy is all wrapped up in black plastic wrap and ball gagged then completely wrapped into a wriggling, struggling shiny package on the sofa showing just her bare feet!

Triple Bound

22.09.2015Madalina74 BilderBondage
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Triple Bound 1
Triple Bound 2
Triple Bound 3
Triple Bound 4

Here is another great set of Madalina shot by Captive Kink in which our lovely damsel in distress is bound 3 separate ways. In part of the shoot she is fastened into a blue leather type jacket with leather blindfold and gag. In another scene she is fastened to a bed with a stocks like headboard and then there is a great mummification session as well. Plenty for the bondage enthusiast to get excited about.

Bondage Allsorts

01.09.2015Madalina76 BilderBondage
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Bondage Allsorts 2
Bondage Allsorts 3
Bondage Allsorts 4

In this set Madalina gets tied up and fastened up in many exciting ways including mummification. This girl looks good however she is tied. Credit for the shoot goes to Captive Kink.

A Sticky Request

20.05.2015Madalina20 BilderBondage
A Sticky Request 0
A Sticky Request 1
A Sticky Request 2
A Sticky Request 3
A Sticky Request 4

A viewer recently requested to see some of our models taped up and mummified and so thanks to this small set shot by Jim of Madalina we can oblige. There will be two more similar sets coming soon of Lenah and Bounty. Enjoy!

Sticky Tape Peril

17.10.2014Dakkota2:43 MinutenBondage
Sticky Tape Peril 1
Sticky Tape Peril 2
Sticky Tape Peril 3
Sticky Tape Peril 4

Sticky Gaffa tape has many purposes but Dakota found out one of the most restrictive ones when she found herself almost completely wrapped in tape and mouth stuffed and gagged and blindfolded! Watch her struggling frantically on the bed!

Bedroom Perils

26.08.2014Dakkota36 BilderBondage
Bedroom Perils 0
Bedroom Perils 1
Bedroom Perils 2
Bedroom Perils 3
Bedroom Perils 4

Dakota is tied up and taped up and left spreadeagled on the bed. A great selection of bondage positions from our sexy blonde!