Satin and Rope

19.01.2019 Katie Danvers 149 Bilder Bondage, Nylon
Satin and Rope 0
Satin and Rope 1
Satin and Rope 2
Satin and Rope 3
Satin and Rope 4

Here is another large set of screen grabs from a recent video featuring the lovely Katie Danvers wearing a satin top and black miniskirt with stockings, all tied up.

Green Turtleneck Bedtie

04.12.2018 93 Bilder Bondage
Green Turtleneck Bedtie 0
Green Turtleneck Bedtie 1
Green Turtleneck Bedtie 2
Green Turtleneck Bedtie 3
Green Turtleneck Bedtie 4

Celeste is tied to the bed wearing green sweater and sexy black leather miniskirt. Great screen shots from the video. Photography by Johnny Wonders

Bound Kneeling

20.06.2012 75 Bilder
Bound Kneeling 0
Bound Kneeling 1
Bound Kneeling 2
Bound Kneeling 3
Bound Kneeling 4

Gizzy is asked to kneel down and her arms and wrists are tightly tied behind her back. Rope is tied round her body and a ballgag tied in her mouth!