All Alone

09.09.2018 66 Bilder Bondage, Hogtie
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All Alone 2
All Alone 3
All Alone 4

Lexi is all alone in her motel room! She asked for room service and ended up hogtied and gagged! That's what I call room service. Photography by Davy UK

Katie v Anija in the Attic

21.03.2018 8:22 Minuten Bondage, Hogtie, Redhead
Katie v Anija in the Attic 1
Katie v Anija in the Attic 2

Two pretty redheads wearing tight jeans is enough to get most of us interested so here are Anija and Katie Danvers playing nice together. They do fit into those jeans nicely and the rope and ball gag on Anija looks great! Katie proceeds to tie up Anija on a table and lets her struggle! Great tying up sequences! After being gagged with a large ball gag Anija indicates she wants to be tied tighter so Katie obliges. Two lovely girls in some great bondage and struggling scenes!