The Voyeurs last act. widescreen

19.06.201730:26 MinutenBondage
The Voyeurs last act. widescreen 1
The Voyeurs last act. widescreen 2
The Voyeurs last act. widescreen 3
The Voyeurs last act. widescreen 4

The voyeur is in action again as he subjects one beautifull girl to many bondage positions. Only this is his final act as she turns the tables on him. Another sexy and bondage full movie!

How to Tie a Parcel

31.03.2017Karina12:31 MinutenBondage
How to Tie a Parcel 1
How to Tie a Parcel 2
How to Tie a Parcel 3
How to Tie a Parcel 4

This is one of the best bits of parcel tying I have seen for a while! Poor Karina is all trussed up with lots of rope just like a parcel. She is gagged and fondled! Enjoy watching the parcel tie from beginning to end. This clip is completely unedited and just as it was shot in Mexico.

Kary Wrapped 2

04.03.2017Karina4:31 MinutenBondage
Kary Wrapped 2 1
Kary Wrapped 2 2
Kary Wrapped 2 3
Kary Wrapped 2 4

Karina is kept taped up on a chair with packing tape and fondled. Watch her as she struggles!

Maid For Trouble

16.11.2016Madalina4:01 MinutenBondage
Maid For Trouble 1
Maid For Trouble 2
Maid For Trouble 3
Maid For Trouble 4

Here is Madalina dressed as a sexy French Maid and in trouble again of course!! Photography credits go to Davy UK and we find Madalina tightly roped up in the hotel room with strong blue rope. Watch her being tied then stuff gagged and mouth wrapped then put into a tight hogtie. All action!

Gag Choices

07.11.2016Karina3:46 MinutenBondage
Gag Choices 1
Gag Choices 2
Gag Choices 3
Gag Choices 4

Karina is wearing a sexy red mini-dress and white panties and our Mexican Damsel is in trouble again. She gets to sample various cleave gags before she is taped to a chair and fondled!

Mexican Sit In

04.10.2016Karina10:48 MinutenBondage
Mexican Sit In 1
Mexican Sit In 2
Mexican Sit In 3
Mexican Sit In 4

Watch Karina our lovely Mexican damsel in distress as she is tied on a chair and gagged . See her struggle and watch her being fondled in this clip filmed in Mexico

Duo Shoot Capers

02.10.2016Madalina41 BilderBondage
Duo Shoot Capers 0
Duo Shoot Capers 1
Duo Shoot Capers 2
Duo Shoot Capers 3
Duo Shoot Capers 4

Here is the first helping of a great 2 girl duo shoot featuring Madalina and Khryssy photographed by Mistress was done in homage to betty paige style,two merry girls come home ,see boxes of bondage toys and decided to have a little fun, they strip each other to undies and start to play fight, gagging each other and fondling. Look out for the next update and see what happens when the husband comes home!

Captive Goth

26.03.2016Azula7:53 MinutenBondage
Captive Goth 1
Captive Goth 2
Captive Goth 3
Captive Goth 4

Azula is dressed in her Goth clothes and make-up and here we see her tightly tied on a chair with the largest ball gag tied in her mouth to keep her quiet! Lots of great on-screen tying and gagging!

Mexican Hogtied

26.02.2016Azula6:26 MinutenBondage
Mexican Hogtied 1
Mexican Hogtied 2
Mexican Hogtied 3
Mexican Hogtied 4

Our latest Mexican model is Azula and here she is tightly hogtied and ball gagged and looking so sexy in those long boots and red hair. Watch her being tied up and gagged then fondled and left to struggle.

Curious Neighbour

24.01.20159:49 MinutenBondage
Curious Neighbour 1
Curious Neighbour 2
Curious Neighbour 3
Curious Neighbour 4

Scarlett is the Mexican girl next door model who got so curious about the photo shoots that we thought it only right to give her some first hand experience. She is tied to a bed spreadeagle then bound and gagged in a nice hogtie wearing fishnets and she is topless showing off her ample breasts. Plenty of on screen tying and struggling.