How the Garden Grows

09.04.2019 Tiger Lilly 38 Bilder Blonde, Bondage, Outdoors
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How the Garden Grows 2
How the Garden Grows 3
How the Garden Grows 4

Just what's growing in your garden? Well here is a great set of Tiger Lilly tied up in the garden. Tiger Lilly can also be seen on Bound Kathy and Friends.

Personal Pleasures

30.06.2018 Mada-Rose 79 Bilder Bondage, Redhead
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Mada Rose is tied up for her masters pleasure to a steel chair. Lots of strong tight rope hold her to the chair and her mouth is filled with rope that fastens her tightly to the back of the chair. Later the gag switches to black tape.

Play Day Photos 2

11.05.2018 Mada-Rose 47 Bilder Bondage, Redhead, Uniform
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Mada-Rose is a cute little damsel and always in distress and here she is in a second set of play day photos just for you!

St Patricks Bondage Bonus

17.03.2017 Adrienna 58 Bilder Bondage
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St Patricks Bondage Bonus 4

Happy St Patricks day! Here is Adrienna all dressed for the occasion and suitably captured in ropes!

Silken Wrapture

02.02.2017 Madalina 39 Bilder Bondage
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Madalina is in trouble again! This time she is tied with ropes wearing a silken wrap around her breasts and is gagged using a silken scarf. Added to that our damsel in distress is wearing long black boots and black lace panties. A nice crotch rope is applied and also some heavy nipple clamps. Enjoy until the next time my friends! Rop work by Hampshire Tog.

50s Lingerie

21.01.2017 Madalina 44 Bilder Bondage
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Madalina is all trussed up wearing 50s Lingerie comprising a red and black corset and black stockings. She is double gagged with stuffed panties and a cleave gag holding them in. Take a look at the surprise on our lovely damsel in distress face. Photography credits for this excellent set go to Davy UK.

Hogtied in Sneakers 2

23.08.2016 Karina 4:06 Minuten Bondage
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Hogtied in Sneakers 2 3
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Here we find Karina in a bit of a fix!! Dressed in a blue denim dress she is tightly tied with rope and her mouth is packed and a cloth to gag her. She is wearing sneakers and now we can enjoy watching her being tightly tied into a strict hogtie. In this final part we can enjoy watching her being fondled and teased with a knotted crotch rope. Watch this lovely Mexican girl struggle!

Captures and Crotchropes

22.05.2016 Amelia Knight 41 Bilder Bondage
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Amelia Knight is seen here in a collection of her best crotch and capture shots. Nothing like a nice tight crotch rope guys!