A Pleasant Task

21.07.2019Mada-Rose5:11 MinutenBondage, Outdoors, Redhead
A Pleasant Task 1
A Pleasant Task 2

What a pleasant job to to up our lovely red haired jogger Mada-Rose. In this bondage fantasy she struggles frantically in her bonds. Photography by Davy UK

A Pleasant Task

15.07.2019Mada-Rose59 BilderBondage, Hogtie, Redhead
A Pleasant Task 0
A Pleasant Task 1
A Pleasant Task 2
A Pleasant Task 3
A Pleasant Task 4

Mada-Rose has been transported to an abandoned industrial complex where our lovely redhaired jogger is tied up and gagged on the floor. Photography by Davy UK

A Joggers Fantasy

04.07.2019Mada-Rose68 BilderBondage, Outdoors, Redhead
A Joggers Fantasy 0
A Joggers Fantasy 1
A Joggers Fantasy 2
A Joggers Fantasy 3
A Joggers Fantasy 4

Mada-Rose is out jogging and daydreaming about what if she was grabbed and tied up in back of a car! Well our two villains do a great job to fulfill her dreams. Watch out for part 2 and don't forget to watch the complete movie. Photography credits to Davy UK and blackfox for extra edits.

The Joggers Fantasy

01.07.2019Mada-Rose5:41 MinutenBondage, Outdoors, Redhead
The Joggers Fantasy 1
The Joggers Fantasy 2

Mada-Rose is back with one of her best did movies ever! She is out jogging and has been thinking what it would be like to be grabbed and tied up and gagged in the boot of a car. Our two villains are to be praised for their great work and all photography credits go to Davy UK. This is a non stop frantic struggling performance from Mada with lots of noise!

Taped up Jogger 2

17.05.2018Alatns58 BilderBondage, Hogtie, Uniform
Taped up Jogger 2 0
Taped up Jogger 2 1
Taped up Jogger 2 2
Taped up Jogger 2 3
Taped up Jogger 2 4

Alatns gets even more taped up in this final part of the shoot and tape gagged. Enjoy

Taped up Jogger

17.05.2018Alatns57 BilderBondage, Uniform
Taped up Jogger 0
Taped up Jogger 1
Taped up Jogger 2
Taped up Jogger 3
Taped up Jogger 4

Alatns arrives home from her morning jog to be surprised by an intruder who soon starts taping her up with wide silver tape.

No Tresspassing

11.10.2017Ambrosia49 BilderBondage
No Tresspassing 0
No Tresspassing 1
No Tresspassing 2
No Tresspassing 3
No Tresspassing 4

Ambrosia likes to jog in the woods but look what happens when she fails to notice the sign saying no tresspassers. Our cute damsel is held captive and nicely trussed up in her jogging gear. Thanks to Davy UK for the great photography on this shoot!

Double Captive Pleasure

25.02.201739 BilderBondage
Double Captive Pleasure 0
Double Captive Pleasure 1
Double Captive Pleasure 2
Double Captive Pleasure 3
Double Captive Pleasure 4

Gorgeous girls Cindy and Sofia are given the task of self bondage. Cindy is left standing on the bed showing off that cute bottom of hers and her wrists and feet are secured with metal cuffs with tape across her mouth. Sophia is wearing her sports gear and sneakers and is secured with straps across a coffee table and a ball gag in her mouth.