Rope Revival

12.09.2020Amelia Knight47 BilderAmateur, Rope Bondage, Secretary
Rope Revival 0
Rope Revival 1
Rope Revival 2
Rope Revival 3
Rope Revival 4

Amelia Knight is featured here in some good old rope bondage. A selection of the best remastered by Lars

Secretarys Delight

12.06.2019Amelia Knight55 BilderBondage, Hogtie, Secretary
Secretarys Delight 0
Secretarys Delight 1
Secretarys Delight 2
Secretarys Delight 3
Secretarys Delight 4

Amelia Knight is well trussed up in this b/w set. Our lovely secretary is not taking notes today!

The Perils of Annie

04.02.2019Scottish Annie7:10 MinutenBondage, Redhead, Secretary
The Perils of Annie 1
The Perils of Annie 2

You won't want to miss this vid guys! New girl Scottish Annie is tied up on the bed and struggling frantically. Watch as she is gagged and hogtied and left to struggle! Wow! Photography by Davy UK.

Chain Mail

06.11.2018Lexi30 BilderBondage, Secretary
Chain Mail 0
Chain Mail 1
Chain Mail 2
Chain Mail 3
Chain Mail 4

Lexi is all chained up into a neat package ready for posting! Somebody is in for a surprise! Photography by Davy UK

Big Business Big Trouble

04.05.201852 BilderBondage, Secretary, Uniform
Big Business Big Trouble 0
Big Business Big Trouble 1
Big Business Big Trouble 2
Big Business Big Trouble 3
Big Business Big Trouble 4

Jayne is away on a business trip and is caught by a rival and left tied up and gagged in the hotel room. Now there is a sight for room service! Photography by Davy UK

The New Attatchment

05.04.2018Alatns6:14 MinutenBondage, Secretary
The New Attatchment 1
The New Attatchment 2
The New Attatchment 3
The New Attatchment 4

This attachment will almost certainly prove popular with bondage fans. Alatn's is attached to the head of the bed with strong ropes and wearing her sexy black lingerie and high heels! Just watch her struggling against the ropes

Robbyn in Red Heels

25.02.2018Robbyn11:05 MinutenBondage, Office, Secretary
Robbyn in Red Heels 1
Robbyn in Red Heels 2

Robin is so sexy and here we watch her start to tie herself to a chair before we finish the job for her with tight ropes and a scarf gag. Watch her as she begins to tie herself then enjoy her frantic struggling on the chair!

Ruby Shoes

15.02.2018Robbyn39 BilderBondage, Redhead, Secretary
Ruby Shoes 0
Ruby Shoes 1
Ruby Shoes 2
Ruby Shoes 3
Ruby Shoes 4

Robbyn is back again wearing Ruby shoes highlighted by some nice tight rope around her feet. Trussed up and gagged she is quite a prize. Photography by Johnny Wonders

Mistaken Identity

13.02.2018Emma Darling38 BilderBondage, Hogtie, Secretary
Mistaken Identity 0
Mistaken Identity 1
Mistaken Identity 2
Mistaken Identity 3
Mistaken Identity 4

Emma Darling got quite a surprise on her last business trip when she turned up at the motel and ended up trussed up and gagged! Photography by Davy UK

Relaxation Time

01.02.2018Imogen34 BilderBondage, Redhead, Secretary
Relaxation Time 0
Relaxation Time 1
Relaxation Time 2
Relaxation Time 3
Relaxation Time 4

Tightly bound with coloured rope Imogen has no option but to settle down and wait to be set free. A big ball gag in her mouth keeps her quiet. Mmmmn she thought! It is kind of relaxing though! Photography by Davy UK