6 Days to Christmas

16.12.2019Trixie14:25 MinutenBondage, Costume, Rope Bondage
6 Days to Christmas 1
6 Days to Christmas 2

Trixie is back with 3 of her best high quality Christmas vids all in one package. Enjoy watching this girl struggle underneath the Christmas tree!

12 Days to Christmas

11.12.2019Trixie17:09 MinutenBondage, Costume, Rope Bondage
12 Days to Christmas 1
12 Days to Christmas 2
12 Days to Christmas 3
12 Days to Christmas 4

12 days to Christmas and it's time to watch Trixie as she is left struggling and tied up by the bad grinch!

Tying up the Maid

08.12.2019Mada-Rose32 BilderCostume, Redhead, Rope Bondage
Tying up the Maid 0
Tying up the Maid 1
Tying up the Maid 2
Tying up the Maid 3
Tying up the Maid 4

Mada-Rose is our maid in distress in these stills from a recent film. Photography by Davy UK

42 Days to Christmas

12.11.2019Erin10:29 MinutenCostume, Damsel In Distress, Rope Bondage
42 Days to Christmas 1
42 Days to Christmas 2
42 Days to Christmas 3
42 Days to Christmas 4

Just 42 days to Christmas! This is the first of many Christmas bondage movies for your collection. This one includes all of Erin's Christmas movies in one film. Why not start the wole collection right here!

Tied by the Grinch

17.12.2018Trixie43 BilderBondage, Costume
Tied by the Grinch 0
Tied by the Grinch 1
Tied by the Grinch 2
Tied by the Grinch 3
Tied by the Grinch 4

Trixie is caught when the evil Grinch returns and he soon has her tied and gagged.

Apple Tied

08.07.201834 BilderBondage, Costume
Apple Tied 0
Apple Tied 1
Apple Tied 2
Apple Tied 3
Apple Tied 4

Jayne is all dressed up for fancy dress party but ends up tied up on the bed with an apple in her mouth. Photography credits go to Davy UK

Beware of Trains

22.04.201836 BilderBondage, Costume, Outdoors
Beware of Trains 0
Beware of Trains 1
Beware of Trains 2
Beware of Trains 3
Beware of Trains 4

This has to be the most classic theme for the Damsel in Distress ever thought of. The beautiful Jayne is captured by the villain and tied up and gagged on the railway line! Photography credits go to Davy UK

Her Next Detention

16.01.2018Amelia Knight37 BilderBondage, Costume, Redhead
Her Next Detention 0
Her Next Detention 1
Her Next Detention 2
Her Next Detention 3
Her Next Detention 4

Amelia Knight naughty schoolgirl is always in trouble for getting tattoos and for other misdemeanours. See what form her latest detention takes and enjoy!

Black Cheers

02.01.2018Robbyn7:43 MinutenBondage, Costume, Hogtie
Black Cheers 1
Black Cheers 2

Sexy Robbyn looks so good in her black cheerleader outfit espially all tied up in a strict hogtie and cleave gagged. She struggles frantically for the whole length of this movie.

Morgans Birthday Gift

25.12.2017Madalina6:23 MinutenBondage, Costume, Hogtie
Morgans Birthday Gift 1
Morgans Birthday Gift 2
Morgans Birthday Gift 3
Morgans Birthday Gift 4

How lucky we would be to have Madalina tied up by the tree at Christmas. A most excellent gift indeed! Well there is no harm in wishing guys! Enjoy this great all action struggling video of Madalina trussed up and gagged ready for Christmas!