Little Black Number 2

13.08.2018 Ivy 53 Bilder Bondage, Brunette
Little Black Number 2 0
Little Black Number 2 1
Little Black Number 2 2
Little Black Number 2 3
Little Black Number 2 4

Ivy is wearing her little black number! A short black mini dress and black nylons. She is tied tightly and gagged with thick tape! What a treat guys!!

Escape All Angles

06.06.2018 Alatns 22:29 Minuten Bondage, Brunette, Uniform
Escape All Angles 1
Escape All Angles 2

Secretary Alatns decides to accept the rope challenge so we tie her up and gag her and then film her struggling from different angles. Watch this lovely girl struggle her way through the challenge.

Pretty Hooters Girl

09.05.2018 Alatns 48 Bilder Bondage, Brunette, Uniform
Pretty Hooters Girl 0
Pretty Hooters Girl 1
Pretty Hooters Girl 2
Pretty Hooters Girl 3
Pretty Hooters Girl 4

Alatna is working as a hooters girl but can't understand why the boss wanted her to wear something extra! Here we go with the pretty girl all strapped up!

Latex Girl Power

08.05.2018 78 Bilder Bondage, Brunette, Latex
Latex Girl Power 0
Latex Girl Power 1
Latex Girl Power 2
Latex Girl Power 3
Latex Girl Power 4

Please welcome our latest sexy model to the site in the form of Ivy all dressed in black latex and green cape coming to the rescue. O dear guys it looks like she is the one who needs rescuing. All chained up to a pole and tightly gagged!

Pretty Taped Up 2

31.12.2017 Alatns 45 Bilder Amateur, Bondage, Brunette
Pretty Taped Up 2 0
Pretty Taped Up 2 1
Pretty Taped Up 2 2
Pretty Taped Up 2 3
Pretty Taped Up 2 4

Alatns gets more tape than she bargained for and now she is completely trussed up with wide yellow tape and gagged with the same!

Christmas Abroad

23.12.2017 Alatns 3:18 Minuten Bondage, Brunette, Costume
Christmas Abroad 1
Christmas Abroad 2
Christmas Abroad 3
Christmas Abroad 4

The beautiful Alatns hails from the Czech Republic and if this is what Santa looks like over there I'm sure a few guys would like to find out. Here she is making her first appearance on the site all trussed up for Christmas.Watch her struggling to get free!

Skinny Jeans

17.12.2017 Robbyn 6:34 Minuten Bondage, Brunette, Hogtie
Skinny Jeans 1
Skinny Jeans 2

Robbyn is all tied up wearing skinny jeans! Just watch her struggling and enjoy

Robbyn Crop Top

01.12.2017 Robbyn 7:05 Minuten Bondage, Brunette
Robbyn Crop Top 1
Robbyn Crop Top 2

Robbyn is wearing a crop top and a tight pair of blue denim jeans! She is tightly tied with rope and silenced by a nice red ball gag! Watch her tying herself then watch her struggling!

Cutie Tied Down

19.11.2017 34 Bilder Bondage, Brunette, Milf
Cutie Tied Down 0
Cutie Tied Down 1
Cutie Tied Down 2
Cutie Tied Down 3
Cutie Tied Down 4

Jaquita is a real cutie girl next door who just happens to look so good in this purple rope she is tied up with on the couch. A nice ballgag keeps her quiet and looking innocent!

One Chair Only

17.11.2017 Robbyn 5:11 Minuten Bondage, Brunette
One Chair Only 1
One Chair Only 2

Robbyn is joining us with a great little video of her wearing a trakky top and tied to a chair with a ball gag in her mouth. She looks good wearing those tight blue jeans!Watch her struggling and enjoy!