Waitress on the Menu

29.05.2018Robbyn7:46 MinutenBondage, Uniform
Waitress on the Menu 1
Waitress on the Menu 2

Yummy! someone has ordered our sexy waitress Robbyn so here she is all packaged up for a special order! Watch her struggling in a tight hogtie

Follow Me

29.05.2018Mada-Rose5:22 MinutenBondage, Fetish, Redhead
Follow Me 1
Follow Me 2
Follow Me 3
Follow Me 4

Mada-Rose is wearing a selection of her huge collection of fetish gear and here she is being led around the room on a lead!

Sweater and Sock Bondage

28.05.2018Lillie May4:58 MinutenBlonde, Bondage, Sweater Fetish
Sweater and Sock Bondage 1
Sweater and Sock Bondage 2
Sweater and Sock Bondage 3
Sweater and Sock Bondage 4

Lillie May is all taped up wearing a pink sweater and pink and white knee socks. This gorgeous blonde is all trussed up with yellow tape and struggling on the couch

Classic Struggling Beauty

25.05.2018Dakkota6:34 MinutenBlonde, Bondage, Hogtie
Classic Struggling Beauty 1
Classic Struggling Beauty 2
Classic Struggling Beauty 3
Classic Struggling Beauty 4

Dakkota is the classic bondage beauty and here she is a very fast moving, struggling bondage session all tied up on the bed and ending in a tight rope hogtie showing off her red top and short black mini-skirt.

Catsuit and Boots

20.05.20186:21 MinutenBondage, Hogtie, Latex
Catsuit and Boots 1
Catsuit and Boots 2

Mia is trussed up in a tight hogtie and gagged with a ring gag. She is wearing a one piece black latex suit and knee length ranger boots. Lots of rope hold her totally secure. Watch this girl as she starts to tie herself with rope and enjoy her struggling frantically in a tight hogtie

Where is Your Homework

20.05.2018Mada-Rose3:36 MinutenBondage, Redhead, Spanking
Where is Your Homework 1
Where is Your Homework 2
Where is Your Homework 3
Where is Your Homework 4

Mada-Rose has not done her homework and here we see just what happens because of this. A good spanking while restrained and struggling. A gag keeps her from complaining.

Latex Girl Power

19.05.20186:19 MinutenBondage, Latex, Uniform
Latex Girl Power 1
Latex Girl Power 2

Wow! don't miss this one guys! our new girl Ivy is so sexy when she struggles frantically to escape her chains.Please welcome our latest sexy model to the site in the form of Ivy all dressed in black latex and green cape coming to the rescue. O dear guys it looks like she is the one who needs rescuing. All chained up to a pole and tightly gagged!

Taped up Jogger Struggling

18.05.2018Alatns4:43 MinutenBondage, Hogtie, Uniform
Taped up Jogger Struggling 1
Taped up Jogger Struggling 2
Taped up Jogger Struggling 3
Taped up Jogger Struggling 4

Alatns arrives home from her morning jog to be surprised by an intruder who soon starts taping her up with wide silver tape. With the amount of tape she has wrapped around her and some keeping her quiet she won't be going anywhere in a hurry. Watch her struggle and try to cut the tape with a pair of scissors

Captiive Sweater Girls

17.05.201810:08 MinutenBondage Sex, Sweater Fetish
Captiive Sweater Girls 1
Captiive Sweater Girls 2

Anija and Katie are both tied up in this video to see who manages to get free! Wearing sweaters and skinny jeans they are eventually hogtied and ball gagged then left to struggle. Wearing sneakers and socks these two sexy girls struggle against their ropes. Who will escape and who will be left tied up? The best way is to watch this video. Photography by Johnny Wonders

Pretty Hooters Girl

17.05.2018Alatns6:44 MinutenBondage, Hogtie
Pretty Hooters Girl 1
Pretty Hooters Girl 2

Alatna is working as a hooters girl but can't understand why the boss wanted her to wear something extra! Here we go with the pretty girl all strapped up! and ending with her well strapped into a tight hogtie and ball gagged! Watch her struggling!