Detective Cover

03.07.2020Amelia Knight47 BilderBondage, Role Play, Rope Bondage
Detective Cover 0
Detective Cover 1
Detective Cover 2
Detective Cover 3
Detective Cover 4

Here are some superb examples of detective bondage work by Lars Pearson.

Missed Connection

29.06.202036 BilderAmateur, Bondage, Rope Bondage
Missed Connection 0
Missed Connection 1
Missed Connection 2
Missed Connection 3
Missed Connection 4

Trouble at the holiday hotel means a missed flight for Jaquie

Vivid Recollection

25.06.202010:59 MinutenHogtie, Role Play, Rope Bondage
Vivid Recollection 1
Vivid Recollection 2
Vivid Recollection 3
Vivid Recollection 4

What happened to Angel during the robbery? Here she relives the action during therapy. Starring Breanne Benson

Hogtie Trouble

22.06.202028 BilderAmateur, Bondage, Rope Bondage
Hogtie Trouble 0
Hogtie Trouble 1
Hogtie Trouble 2
Hogtie Trouble 3
Hogtie Trouble 4

This lovely girl from Brazil is all trussed up in a tight hogtie

The Burglars Pleasure

19.06.202033 BilderAmateur, Latex, Rope Bondage
The Burglars Pleasure 0
The Burglars Pleasure 1
The Burglars Pleasure 2
The Burglars Pleasure 3
The Burglars Pleasure 4

Here is a real classic bondage set of Jaquie bound up tightly wearing black latex and well gagged!

Green Fantasy

16.06.202030 BilderAmateur, Bondage, Rope Bondage
Green Fantasy 0
Green Fantasy 1
Green Fantasy 2
Green Fantasy 3
Green Fantasy 4

A lovely Brazillian girl wearing a green dress all tied up and gagged!

Patty Bound and Gagged

11.06.20209:59 MinutenAmateur, Role Play, Rope Bondage
Patty Bound and Gagged 1
Patty Bound and Gagged 2
Patty Bound and Gagged 3
Patty Bound and Gagged 4

Patty is bound and gagged on the bed by Korva. Another Brazillian bondage special

A Pretty Pair

09.06.202032 BilderAmateur, Bondage, Rope Bondage
A Pretty Pair 0
A Pretty Pair 1
A Pretty Pair 2
A Pretty Pair 3
A Pretty Pair 4

Two beautiful girls from Brazil tied and gagged! What more could we ask.

Tight in Brazil

04.06.202052 BilderAmateur, Big boobs, Rope Bondage
Tight in Brazil 0
Tight in Brazil 1
Tight in Brazil 2
Tight in Brazil 3
Tight in Brazil 4

Kira is trussed up really tight in this great bondage set.

After Gym Bondage

30.05.202010:21 MinutenAmateur, Role Play, Rope Bondage
After Gym Bondage 1
After Gym Bondage 2
After Gym Bondage 3
After Gym Bondage 4

Two sexy girls from Brazil tied up tightly and gagged after gym!