Sofa Nylon

2017-08-18 − 25 images
Sofa Nylon 0
Sofa Nylon 1
Sofa Nylon 2
Sofa Nylon 3
Sofa Nylon 4

Anija is all tied up wearing nylon! Trussed up and cleave gagged on the sofa she makes a great entry to the site. Photography by Johnny Wonders       

Red Sweater Bound

2017-08-16 − Snow − 5:15 minutes
Red Sweater Bound 1
Red Sweater Bound 2

Snow is tied to a chair wearing her red sweater. Watch her struggle against the ropes and tight ball gag

Palm Trouble 2

2017-08-14 − Angel − 84 images
Palm Trouble 2 0
Palm Trouble 2 1
Palm Trouble 2 2
Palm Trouble 2 3
Palm Trouble 2 4

Angel is further stripped naked while tied to the palm tree. She is gagged her breasts are tied and nipple clamped. What a predicament this blue eyed blonde is in!

Red Sweater Bind

2017-08-12 − Snow − 30 images
Red Sweater Bind 0
Red Sweater Bind 1
Red Sweater Bind 2
Red Sweater Bind 3
Red Sweater Bind 4
Snow is in trouble again tied to a chair and ball gagged wearing a red sweater and black leather mini skirt.

Strictly Business

2017-08-10 − Amelia Knight − 89 images
Strictly Business 0
Strictly Business 1
Strictly Business 2
Strictly Business 3
Strictly Business 4

A dreamy set for lovers of bound and gagged business women, secretary's and PA's. You will of course notice the model as it is the gorgeous Amelia Knight.

The Homecoming

2017-08-08 − Madalina − 5:35 minutes
The Homecoming 1
The Homecoming 2
The Homecoming 3
The Homecoming 4

She came home early and disturbed the burglars! Madalina is in trouble again after walking in on a burglary. She is soon tied to a chair, ball gagged and blindfold wearing black stockings and a black leather mini skirt! Watch her struggle and listen to her efforts to be heard through the gag.

Palm Trouble

2017-08-06 − Angel − 106 images
Palm Trouble 0
Palm Trouble 1
Palm Trouble 2
Palm Trouble 3
Palm Trouble 4

Angel is back! This gorgeous blue eyed blonde is in trouble again and bound to a Palm tree with her hands tied above her head, topless, gagged and nipple clamped. The fruit is ripe and ready for picking!

Space Hopper Tied

2017-08-04 − Snow − 23 images
Space Hopper Tied 0
Space Hopper Tied 1
Space Hopper Tied 2
Space Hopper Tied 3
Space Hopper Tied 4

Snow just had to find out what a Space Hopper was used for so we showed her how we thought it was best used with her tied to it looking so sexy!!

Dreaming 2

2017-08-02 − Angel − 100 images
Dreaming 2 0
Dreaming 2 1
Dreaming 2 2
Dreaming 2 3
Dreaming 2 4

Have you ever dreamed of Angels? Well here is our very own blonde haired angel called Angel who looks so dreamy roped up and gagged in a luxurious easy chair! In part 2 we see some more great shots to add to a marvellous collection. This gorgeous blue eyed blonde has it all

Bounce Bounce!

2017-07-31 − Snow − 4:14 minutes
Bounce Bounce! 1
Bounce Bounce! 2

Girls just have to have fun don't they! Snow wanted to know what the space hopper was for so here she is all tied up on it and having fun! Looking very sexy of course in that costume and ropes!