Cutie Tied Down

19.11.2017 34 Bilder Bondage, Brunette, Milf
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Cutie Tied Down 1
Cutie Tied Down 2
Cutie Tied Down 3
Cutie Tied Down 4

Jaquita is a real cutie girl next door who just happens to look so good in this purple rope she is tied up with on the couch. A nice ballgag keeps her quiet and looking innocent!

One Chair Only

17.11.2017 Robbyn 5:11 Minuten Bondage, Brunette
One Chair Only 1
One Chair Only 2

Robbyn is joining us with a great little video of her wearing a trakky top and tied to a chair with a ball gag in her mouth. She looks good wearing those tight blue jeans!Watch her struggling and enjoy!

Caught in the Box

15.11.2017 Madalina 65 Bilder Bondage, Redhead
Caught in the Box 0
Caught in the Box 1
Caught in the Box 2
Caught in the Box 3
Caught in the Box 4

How's this for an ingenious bondage device! Madalina is wearing black tights and a sexy one piece top, high heels and glasses. She smiles at the box wondering what it's for! Here we see the end result with her stocking feet and hands trapped inside and the box is closed leaving our lovely redhead with her bottom stuck up in the air and a nice ball gag in her mouth.

Crop Top

13.11.2017 Robbyn 28 Bilder Bondage, Brunette
Crop Top 0
Crop Top 1
Crop Top 2
Crop Top 3
Crop Top 4

Robbyn is wearing a crop top and a tight pair of blue denim jeans! She is tightly tied with rope and silenced by a nice red ball gag!

Ball Gagged Temptress

11.11.2017 Madalina 31 Bilder Bondage
Ball Gagged Temptress 0
Ball Gagged Temptress 1
Ball Gagged Temptress 2
Ball Gagged Temptress 3
Ball Gagged Temptress 4

Madalina is dressed in red latex and ball gagged! Photography by Captive Kink.

Copycat - Widescreen

09.11.2017 40:21 Minuten Bondage
Copycat - Widescreen 1
Copycat - Widescreen 2
Copycat - Widescreen 3
Copycat - Widescreen 4

After returning from a Halloween party Yana and her boyfriend Nick get intimate with one another on an eerie cold Halloween night. Nick introduces Yana to a fictional character he has been watching films about – THE MASKED VENETIAN. Nick pulls out this strange Renaissance mask telling her that they will play this bondage game, with her at his mercy. Nick disappears for a few moments, Yana waits impatiently, but he never returns! A psychotic imposter posing as Nick wearing the mask invades the home. Yana realizes something has gone terribly wrong. A game of survival emerges, as Yana is held hostage by The Masked Venetian whose identity is unknown, yet this person is unpredictable with serial tendencies. Will Yana survive the wrath of the Masked Venetion on Halloween night, or become a victim to his game!

One Chair Only

07.11.2017 Robbyn 31 Bilder Bondage
One Chair Only 0
One Chair Only 1
One Chair Only 2
One Chair Only 3
One Chair Only 4

Robbyn is joining us with a great little shoot of her wearing a trakky top and tied to a chair with a ball gag in her mouth. She looks good wearing those tight blue jeans!

Tight Elbow Hogtie

05.11.2017 Snow 6:11 Minuten Bondage
Tight Elbow Hogtie 1
Tight Elbow Hogtie 2

Watch snow as she gags herself and ties her feet. She is dressed in a pair of skin tight blue jeans and a sweater with sneakers on her feet. Watch her struggle as she ends up tightly hogtied!

Armbinder Hogtie

03.11.2017 Madalina 28 Bilder Bondage
Armbinder Hogtie 0
Armbinder Hogtie 1
Armbinder Hogtie 2
Armbinder Hogtie 3
Armbinder Hogtie 4

Madalina is trying out her new arm binder used in a hogtie. Check out this cute redhead secretary with glasses! She won't be doing much work today!

All Night Trial

01.11.2017 85 Bilder Bondage
All Night Trial 0
All Night Trial 1
All Night Trial 2
All Night Trial 3
All Night Trial 4

Honey-Doo is home alone when she is surprised by an intruder who tells her to strip naked and then he proceeds to tie this lovely ebony housewife spreadeagled to the bed. Gagged with the stars and stripes and her breasts tied with rope she is left untill morning!